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Dear Fellow Advocate:


Let the WILD in me speak to the FERAL in you.


 In 2016  the grace and ferocity of the South African landscape called forth a guttural, lifelong calling to tell the stories of the voiceless any way that I could. Seeing the shining tusks of elephants and the blunt horns of rhinos, talking with the docents and land managers of Kruger and witnessing the wide-open space they call home instilled in me a longing to tell the stories about the animals, and the people who care for them. About the people who live in places where the threat of extinction and climate change encompasses their daily interactions.


I am and have always been, a storyteller. As a writer, rider, animal advocate, and teacher, I get to call the San Francisco Bay area home.

I live in service to the animals, to the wild world, to the elephants and rhinos, and drought-ridden landscapes and deforested homes of orangutans and indigenous people...

I await the opportunity to share the word of new lands and native people.

I hold a few university degrees, but, really, education comes in many forms...especially travel. And friends, animals, writing, reading, new conversations with different ideas around the world...

All of these count as teachers.


Every. Single. One. 


Go outside and play.

Sing your song.

Listen to others sing theirs.





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