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My documentary, Accidental Advocates in Phuket: A Love Story, won 1st place in the S.O.F.A Film Fest. The film shows the lives of the Soi Dog Foundation's Community Outreach Team in action. 

If you enjoyed the film, won't you please help me make another conservation-minded, sustainable-living film?


Project #1: Sorbas, Almeria, Spain: Sustainability: April 2023

Your donation will help to advance the organization's practical work to promote Sustainable Living, Organic Gardening, Eco-maintenance, and Earth Education.  I will spend two weeks with them helping them tell their story.

Project # 2: Women Warriors of Sumatra Island: November 2023

A fierce and talented group of Sumatran Women Warriors are on a mission to protect the earth by training and teaching women how to live in, among, and with nature. This powerful group of women provides opportunities, experiences, and education to empower Indigenous women and LGBTQ+ to be active participants in conservation by protecting the earth from extractive forces such as deforestation and poachers. I will spend two weeks with them working to tell their story.








Considerations for the health of the planet...

Spend your money where you know you can make a difference, Travel, eat, and purchase from companies you know have some kind of global consciousness. Read, watch, and listen to people who are already involved, somehow, in this global pandemic of the massive habitat destruction where our animals need to live.

We all know that animals hold the key to the survival of the planet. In a time of increasing divisiveness, separation, and polarization, animal advocates can help highlight the issues of conflict in order to serve the bigger picture needed to begin addressing climate change, habitat loss, and deforestation, not only to save animals but also to save humans.

To save nature. To save our environment.


We need to realize, as a community, as a nation, and as a world, the connectedness between animals and humans by nurturing connections not only to animals but to their environment--no, our environment. But how does a person begin to think about advocating for others? How do we start to see the relationship all living creatures have? How do we create communities that foster and encourage sustainability for future generations to thrive? How do we come to help others realize the symbiosis of the entire natural world?


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