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My documentary, Accidental Advocates in Phuket: A Love Story, won 1st place in the S.O.F.A Film Fest. The film shows the lives of the Soi Dog Foundation's Community Outreach Team in action. 

A documentary from Sorbas, Spain is in the works!!

Water: The New Gold will be available soon.







Unassailable: Woman

The concept of gender has become a benchmark for assessing the fairness of our society. Issues like the #MeToo movement, the gender pay gap, workplace equality, and women's reproductive health play a significant role in our daily lives. Unfortunately, gender disparities continue to exist in several parts of the world, such as Pakistan and West Africa. Women and girls in Pakistan face restrictions imposed by the Taliban, limiting their access to public places and education beyond the sixth grade. Similarly, women in West Africa struggle with various challenges, including limited access to basic social services, unequal property rights, and gender disparities in the labor market. Despite these obstacles, women all over the world continue to fight for equality with unyielding strength and love. As a female photographer, I draw inspiration from their determination and solidarity.

My next documentary will feature the women from West Africa and beyond

to showcase the things that make them inspirational...

To sponsor the film, check back soon.

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