Thank you for your attention to this page. I have a long-term goal of finding ways to lead and encourage others on their own advocacy journey by talking about, writing about and photographing my own.

As an educator and an eco storyteller, I hope to continue to grow my audience any way that I can.

Traveling to Borneo in February 2020 with Orangutan Odysseys helped me see the power that each individual can have by interacting with so many like-minded people. By visiting the deforested homeland of the orangutans, and by being around other people far more advanced that me on my own journey, I realized just how much I want to help. The problems our orangutans, and all of our wildlife, are facing is huge, and by looking for single individual ways we can all help, I believe we can all turn things around not only for the animals, but for all of mankind. 

Spend your money where you know you can make a difference, Travel, eat, purchase from companies you know have some kind of a global consciousness. Read, watch and listen to people who are already involved, somehow, in this global pandemic of  the massive habitat destruction where our animals need to live.

If something I have said resonates with you, and if I can help you by photographing or writing about it in a way that furthers your own animal conservation story, let's collaborate and figure out a way to spread the word.

We all know that animals hold the key to the survival of the planet. In a time of increasing divisiveness, separation, and polarization, animal advocates can help highlight the issues of conflict in order to serve the bigger picture needed to begin addressing climate change, habitat loss, and deforestation, not only to save animals but to save humans. To save nature. To save our world. We need to begin to see, as a community, as a nation, as a world, the connectedness between animals and humans by nurturing connections not only to animals but to their environment--no, our environment. But how does a path to Advocacy work begin?  After we donate to the World Wildlife Association, what do we do next? How do we start to see the relationship all living creatures have? For me, they have made me realize the symbiosis of the entire natural world. I am an Accidental Advocate, and I want to make a difference.