Borneo 2020: Please Help!


Indonesia is facing a cataclysmic crossroads. By 2024, the county will shift its capital from Jakarta to the Kalimantan region. The move proposes to help Jakarta recover from habitat loss and overpopulation. A region already in danger, the industrial-scale forest clearing has resulted in a 31 percent loss of rainforest in the past twenty-five years. Mining, logging and palm oil have robbed the rainforest of the trees. Destruction of habitat is killing the wildlife and orangutans  face extinction. The country is ablaze. Dayak culture is disappearing. The indigeneous people on the front line are struggling to stop the destruction. 


In February 2020, I will visit places in the jungle that have fallen victim to the effects of the local and global demands for Borneo’s commodities. I'll be trekking into the jungles of the Kutai National Park, traveling upriver on canoes, driving through the landscapes of East Borneo and staying in long homes with the traditional Dayak culture. I plan to visit  the Centre for Orangutan Protection and conduct video interviews with the Dayak about their experience with ecotourism in order to hear their perspective. Ultimately, through video, photos, and stories, I plan to create stories from the front line of the people who are fighting to preserve the biodiversity and habitat necessary for the region’s and the world’s fight against climate change to help maintain social, environmental and animal welfare for all of us.


I am looking for sponsorship to help with supplies for the orangutans and fire-fighting tools to help the Dayak continue to stop the fires. Upon my return, I will be speaking at San Jose State University, Menlo College, and any other place willing to see pictures, hear stories and watch footage of the Dayak's fight for local and global justice related to deforestation, palm oil use, and orangutan extinction.


Check back here for more information about ACCIDENTAL ADVOCATES to see stories from the trip.

We must believe we can make a difference!


Please let me know if you would like to help save our planet.



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